Welcome to RippedPHL — Philadelphia’s most inclusive high-intensity class.

Here, you’ll torch calories and push your body to new limits!
Whatever your fitness level, whatever your ability,
you’ll find a workout that’s a blast for you and your body.


  • 15-minute intervals on industry-leading Woodway® treadmills
  • Strength training on the floor with TRX®
  • Dynamax balls, body bars, free weights, etc.
  • Dim lighting, DJ spun music, personalized TVs
  • Energetic instructors make blasting calories fun
  • An intense and impactful workout

Not a runner? New to working out?

All of our classes provide a full-body workout, but RippedPHL has created effective classes that allow your targeted muscle groups to recover and develop between classes. Check our class schedule for a listing of the targeted muscles for each day.

  • We offer modification for all levels and those with special needs
  • We welcome walkers, beginning runners, and high-intensity lovers
  • Perfect if you’re recovering from an injury, want to focus solely on strength, or are taking a break from cardio for the day

Burn hard and HIIT hard. YOU pick your intensity.

WE guide you to take your body where it has never been before.

Why it works

Our dynamic, high-intensity classes activate both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers. Most training techniques solely activate slow twitch fibers, the muscles that give us the endurance to grind away on the elliptical or treadmill for endless minutes with limited results.

This means a portion of your muscles are unused while you exercise. Fast twitch fibers are used for explosive movements. These muscles actually consume more energy and continue to burn more calories long after the workout is done and provide the greatest results.

High intensity training unleashes your fast twitch muscles and opens the door to greater strength and results!!


Samantha Citron


    My love affair with Ripped PHL began a little over a year ago. I was working at the front desk at a cycling studio where I also worked out consistently. When the cycling studio closed, I had to decide where I would workout. I had taken classes at Ripped PHL before and always…

Cynthia Mauger


Why Ripped?I started coming to Ripped 4 months after my second baby was born. That was two years ago and i have not looked back but continue to push myself and my workouts forward with a vengeance. It simply works. It is as simple as that. I have put in the work and i have…

Kellyann Beene


My journey with Ripped PHL My journey, or as I like to call it, my enlightenment with Ripped PHL started a couple of years ago when my favorite workout studio closed and I was grieving the loss (I know that sounds weird but Lithe Method was an amazing community for me) and I just wasn’t…

Jen Shectman


My fitness journey is really really long, so I’ll give you the short version. I was not really into fitness that much in high school. I quit gym class as soon as it became “optional”.  I did cheerleading, which I loved, but I got mad at my coach when he made us run and I believe I…

Carly Kindbom


As a former D1 athlete, I have really struggled post-college to find work outs that are both challenging and interesting. I started doing RippedPHL about 1 year ago and I am absolutely hooked. The workouts are always so diverse; I love that you can go every day but always feel like you are doing something…

Kripa Sundararajan


Fitness has been an integral part of my life for the past few years.  I had been active my whole life, but by no means an athlete.  I always had loved how a good workout made me feel. Unfortunately, as a physician, the ongoing demands of the profession often meant that fitness was placed on…