Questions about High Intensity Interval Training at Ripped PHL?

I’m not a runner, can I do this workout?

No worries! We’re here to make sure the class is accessible to everyone. Walk, jog or sprint on the treadmills. We have options for walkers and make sure you feel comfortable at your level. Not into the treadmill at all? Sign up for “All Strength” so you can stay on the floor and do strength training the whole class

What should I expect?

We know you may be nervous, but we try to make your first class as welcoming as possible. You’ll start either on the treadmill doing cardio intervals focusing on different areas from hills, sprints, endurance sets, etc. or on the floor doing strength training moves. The class will keep alternating between floor and treadmill sets. The class is meant to be challenging, but it’s at your own pace. We’re here to motivate, ensure you’re safe and show you a fun workout proven to get you results quickly. The lighting is dim and music fun and loud. Promise us, you’ll enjoy it! We do suggest it takes about 3 classes for you to get the full feel of how the class runs and start to feel comfortable.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require classes to be canceled 12 hours prior to the start of class or else you will lose your class from your package. Our unlimited members will be charged a $15 late cancel fee or $25 no show fee. We want to ensure all our clients have a fair chance to attend busy classes!

Is there a first-time discount?

We offer an extremely discounted intro offer to check out everything Ripped has to offer. Head to our home page to purchase.

When should I arrive for my first class?

Arrive 5-10 minutes prior the start time of your first class so we can show you around the studio and explain the class to you. Please arrive no later than 5 minutes prior to the start of class to ensure your spot isn’t given away to those on the waitlist.

Can I freeze my membership?

Absolutely! For our monthly unlimited autopay members, we can freeze your account up to 3 months per calendar year. For wedding and baby specials there are no freezes unless required due to injury or doctor request.

Do you have parking?

We offer discounted parking ($11 at 251 S 15th Street (map here). Park and validate in studio!

When will I see that Ripped body?

If you commit to getting results by attending class 3+ times a week then you’ll see some differences already in 2 weeks. Each class can burn between 600-1200 calories. There is actual science behind this workout so if you commit, work hard you will get quick results safely. But, we are only with you for a 1 hour workout so your nutrition needs to be on point for your goals as well. Not sure about nutrition? Our trainers offer nutrition plans to supplement your physical activity.

What is All Strength?

All Strength is spots in each class where you stay on the floor doing strength training the entire class. The rest of the class will switch between the treadmill and floor portion, but you get to stay! And no, we don’t repeat exercises for our All Strength crew!

How many classes a week should I take?

This depends on your goals, but we suggest no less than 3 classes a week to really see the science behind Ripped take your body to where you want it. If you want to get the body you’ve been desiring you do need to commit to the workout. Not sure what fits best for you? We offer a FREE session to sit down with one of our trainers to go over goals and how to get the most from class.

Do you have showers/towels/lockers?

Absolutely! We offer complimentary towels during class, private individual showers stocked with lush Malin + Goetz products, hair dryers, lotions, spray deodorants, shower towels and complementary lockers. Pretty much everything you need to get ready for your day (or night)!

Do you have student discounts?

We sure do. Are you a teacher (K-12), student, nurse, resident, firefighter, police officer, military, or veteran? You get 10% off class packs and memberships! Email your ID and we’ll unlock the discount for you. Not sure if you qualify? Email us to find out!

What is the difference between your memberships and class packs?

Those who purchase a membership are ready to commit to getting the results they would like to see. These are for people looking to come on a consistent basis. Those purchasing regular class packs have 60 days from the date of purchase to use their classes and can come whenever they want. These are great for those new to Ripped and still figuring out how often they’ll go or have other commitments in their lives.

I just had a baby or about to have a baby. Is Ripped fine for me?

We have plenty of expectant and new mothers in class. Your doctor must approve you to workout, but if they do we will be sure you’re well taken care of! We incline benches for expectant moms and can help modify floor exercises to make it more comfortable and accessible for you.

Who is Ripped for?

Ripped is for males and females of all ages and abilities! We make it comfortable for beginners up to professional athletes. Ripped classes move at a quick pace so be sure to ask your trainer questions and tips during, before and after class. We love questions!! The best part? Dim lighting makes you less likely to worry about what other people think. This workout is for you and doing YOUR best!

Do those stairs ever get easier?

If you don’t know what we’re talking about you’ll see your first visit!! It’s your warmup. Think they’re tough? Just wait until you go up them on butt and legs day!

How do I cancel my membership or freeze it?

Please fill out this form to cancel your membership or this form to freeze it