Kellyann Beene

In Studio Training

My journey with Ripped PHL

My journey, or as I like to call it, my enlightenment with Ripped PHL started a couple of years ago when my favorite workout studio closed and I was grieving the loss (I know that sounds weird but Lithe Method was an amazing community for me) and I just wasn’t feeling like any of the studios I was trying was a fit. I decided to give RippedPHL a shot based off a friend’s recommendation and I finally fit in! The staff couldn’t be friendlier, the facility is always clean, the instructors are all awesome and I love the class format. This started my new relationship with weights! 

At the same time, I sold a business that had put 20,000 steps on my tracker daily, 6, sometime 7 days a week. I took some time off to binge watch Netflix and be a couch potato. Even though I was working out, my activity level dropped dramatically. I gained 12 lbs. over that next year and I just couldn’t get it off. (Man, that weight really creeps up on you and doesn’t come off quick when you are 42 like it does at 32!) 

I tried every “diet” out there, Whole 30, Paleo you get it. Nothing was budging and I was getting a killer workout at Ripped so what was I missing? I read a few of the stories they put out on social media about some people’s transformations and it was all nutrition and personal trainer based. But I’ve already been eliminating the “bad” things from my diet and why would I pay extra for a one on one session RIGHT? I’m telling you how happy I am to have been WRONG!

I was getting frustrated and decided one day that I clearly don’t know everything there is in life, so I bought a PT and nutritional package and I thought at the minimum I’d get an education from people who study this for a living. 

Holy cow, going upstairs and facing barbells and thick ropes and unfamiliar gym equipment really scared me for a minute, I literally almost left before we began because I didn’t think it “was for me”. Coming out of my comfort zone and squatting 95, 125, 135 lbs. on a bar was wild. Doing pull ups, throwing ropes, doing box jumps and ab rollers are literally my new favorite thing. It took a handful of sessions for that to happen, but I immediately signed up for more! 

The nutritional education and realizing you need good carbs and fats was mind blowing. I’d been eliminating those things for a year and all it took was adjusting my Macros and Micros, along with 12 30 min PT sessions on top of classes every week made me drop the 12 lbs. over a 2-month time period with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year in that time period! I feel great, I’m stronger and more fit, I’m challenging my body and mind, I’m making better choices and I’m shattering my comfort zone!

I encourage at a minimum doing the nutritional package. I highly encourage trying both the nutritional and PT program. It has been eye opening, life changing and exciting for me, and I know it can be for you too! I’m writing this snacking on a spicy tuna roll and a glass of red wine in hand – BECAUSE I CAN!!!

The support and knowledge of the RippedPHL staff is beyond amazing. I hope to read in the next coming months they have been inspiring for you too ?