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August Ripped Person – Haley

I was so shocked to hear i am Ripped Person of the month! I have been coming to RippedPHL since February 2022. When i first started i was super out of shape. All my life i have been a big yo-yo dieter. I am big on get fit quick scams. Ripped is the only consistent workout i have stuck with. Even though I dread the steps up to class and doing inclines, after 45 minutes i feel incredible and it makes me keep coming back. Before even taking my first class i bought a 12 pack of classes and 4 personal training sessions. After the first class i was shook. It was the hardest thing i’d ever done. But since i was locked in on 11 more classes i kept coming. Each class got easier in a way and i felt myself getting stronger– physically and mentally.  The atmosphere of the classes is what keeps me going when i want to stop. From the music, to the instructors, to the vibe of the class.. i always find myself able to keep pushing.  I have completed 125 classes and dozens of personal training classes (shoutout Danielle!) My class count would be much higher but i had to take a 6 month break due to a back injury last october. While healing i tried other workouts, like Barre, pilates, spin but i couldnt get into it and i wouldnt feel the same sense of accomplishment i do when i finish ripped classes. I’d way rather work my ass off for 45 minutes with different stations that helps break up the class. 

While taking time off to heal by back,  i got engaged! I was super eager to get back to Ripped and shred for the wedding!  Since returning a few months ago the trainers have been so hands-on and accommodating when it comes to modifying my workouts and making sure i don’t reinjure my back. I love coming to classes with friends.. it makes the 45 minutes go by much more painlessly when doing incline runs.  I am so happy and honored to be ripped person of the month!