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July Ripped Person – Meaghan

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a tendency to try new things but never follow through with them. One of the things I continuously would try is working out. I could never get myself into a routine and my love/hate relationship with the gym was always leaning towards hate. I even tried Ripped in 2020 right before the pandemic shut everything down. Up until this year and being at RippedPHL, working out has become something that I truly enjoy and look forward to every day. I am past the 100-class mark, and I have never felt stronger or healthier, both physically and mentally. I came in 6 months ago thinking I could never run faster than an 8.0 on the tread (even told the coaches that), and I recently sprinted at an 11.0! Every single coach has helped push me without judgment, has understood if I needed to take it easy one day, and has celebrated even my littlest wins. When I had small injuries, I had multiple coaches checking on me every day to make sure I wasn’t pushing too hard, and they were all there to offer their help to get me back to full effort. Even though I think I bullied Katie into picking me for Ripped Person of the Month, I truly am so grateful to the staff for noticing the hard work and progress I have made since my first class.