Mar 29 2023

April Ripped Person – Luke

Hi – I’m Luke! I’ve been in Philly now for 5 years but grew up in New Jersey and spent my summers in Portugal with family. As a flight attendant, I am used to building my schedule around traveling mostly every week. I was always an avid runner and then COVID hit and I was […]

Mar 2 2023

March Ripped Person – Mikki

I’ve lived in Philly for 18 years! I am a first grade teacher at Greenfield School in Center City. My students bring the best energy, positivity, and love every single day and it helps me to do the same! I enjoy all things high in cost and calories: shopping, wine, dinners in the city, and […]

Feb 1 2023

February Ripped Person – Jess

I am originally from New Jersey but moved to Philadelphia in Summer of 2020 following my graduation from Lehigh University. I work at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia at the Center for Autism Research where I work as a research coordinator on a study looking at social emotional behaviors in children and adolescents. I am […]

Dec 31 2022

January Ripped Person – Sachin

The road to your fitness goals can be very challenging, especially for people like me who don’t have a particularly active lifestyle. I had put on quite a lot of weight during the pandemic and always struggled to go to the gym. Gyms can at times be intimidating and overwhelming for reserved people like me […]

Nov 30 2022

December Ripped Person – Viktor & Moe

We LOVE RippedPHL!!! Moe has been a member since 2019 and he introduced me to RippedPHL a little after we started dating in March 2022.  I was looking for a new exercise routine and he was like,  “ you have to try my gym, they will work you to the max and everyone is so […]

Oct 28 2022

November Ripped Person – Maggie V.

Before the pandemic, I was trying out all sorts of gyms. Over time I developed 4 herniated discs in my next. It was embarrassing to keep having to remind trainers of my injury and say “hey I can’t do this.” Flash forward to covid, I just stopped working out altogether.  In November 2020, Emily D’Ulisse convinced […]