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December Ripped Person – Viktor & Moe

We LOVE RippedPHL!!! Moe has been a member since 2019 and he introduced me to RippedPHL a little after we started dating in March 2022.  I was looking for a new exercise routine and he was like,  “ you have to try my gym, they will work you to the max and everyone is so nice and supportive.” I walked over and met some of the trainers and staff. Moe was right. I fell in LOVE with RippedPHL because not only will you be challenged and motivated but the trainers and staff are beautiful souls! They care about your health and well being and are always looking after you during training sessions. 

We love the activities they hold during the year. Another great way to keep our gym community active and participating. Thank you RippedPHL for your incredible work and kindness. Hope you and your families have a great and restful Holiday.