Keri Ackerman

In Studio Training


I started running when I was 17. 10 minutes. And then it was 3 to 4 miles. This led to free weights and bar work. I started to love working out. Fast forward to 34 years old. I’ve done everything from 5K’s, a half-marathon, kick-boxing, Pilates, spin, road biking hundreds of miles with my husband, and until recently, a CrossFit gym for 2 years. Over the years I’ve learned more about myself and what really challenges me. I learned that I love pushing myself to the extremes and with Ripped I can do just that. 2 years ago, I was doing CrossFit based workouts and at first, I loved doing something different and new. I mastered skills such as handstand push-ups, rope climbs and strict pull-ups. Over time however, I began feeling stagnant with the WODS (workout of the day) and I often left class thinking “is that it?! I need more!” I wanted to feel like I gave my all. I wanted to be breathless and sweaty. I soon realized what I need to feel fulfilled from a workout. Ripped gives me just that. The perfect combination of running mixed with HIIT exercises. I was hooked. I love leaving class breathless and dripping in sweat.

What motivates me? Honestly, I’ve been working out for 17 years, so I can’t imagine myself not being active/working out. It’s a part of who I am. Maybe it’s a mix of my type A personality and/or the high I get from a good workout. I am an operating room nurse and unfortunately, I see what an unhealthy lifestyle can lead too. Also, I am fortunate to have a husband who is just as active as I am. When I’m not at Ripped, I am running or biking with him. Its great to have someone who shares the same lifestyle/interests as you.

Why do I keep coming back to Ripped? It works for me. It’s the best combination of running and strength training at a fast pace; not to mention a solid 45/60 minutes of it! No workouts are the same. Your muscles are always challenged! Especially on arms/abs and butt/legs days! The instructors are upbeat and motivating. And can we talk about the music?! Amazing. No matter what kind of day I’ve had, the music always gets me in the mood for an intense workout.

I’ve been going to Ripped since July and I although I don’t own a scale, I can say that I do notice a difference in my arms, especially my shoulders and my upper abs. Not to mention, the other day my husband said to me “Your back is so muscular.” #win. #thankyouripped.