Halima Holloway

In Studio Training


My journey to RippedPHL started after I found myself plateauing at a different work out class. I started hearing about Ripped and seeing some posts on Instagram so I decided to give it a try. I’ve always been physically active. After gaining the freshman 15 in college, I made working out and physical fitness a part of my routine. But I found after I hit a certain age, running a few miles was no longer doing the trick. In fact, no cardio was doing the trick anymore. Because I read alot about fitness, I knew it was well past time to introduce weights into my routine but the thought scared me. I had only ever ran on a treadmill, outside or done the elliptical. I was afraid weights would bulk me up and make me look to masculine. But again, Ripped offered the perfect way for me to do something I was familiar with (running) and introduce me to weight training.

I will admit that I was completely shocked at how out of shape I truly was after doing my first Ripped class. I could barely make it through the treadmill routine ( how was this possible when I’ve been running for years???) and I could barely make it through the entire floor part with 5 pound weights. Push ups? I couldn’t even do 1!
Wow! What I realized was that even though I worked out quite regularly, I’ve never been pushed the way the instructors and the workouts at Ripped pushed me. I had never done High Intensity Interval Training–running up hills and sprinting. And like I mentioned, I had never trained with weights.
My first few classes were impossible. Even after 3 months in the classes were still pretty freaking tough! But I thrive on a challenge and I knew this was exactly the type of workout I needed!
I am now obsessed with Ripped. I’m stronger, faster and have more endurance than ever. I’m leaner, more toned and happier! Yes, I said happy! Physical benefits aside, what Ripped has done for my mental well being and my overall mood is simply priceless. I get excited for my Ripped classes. I always leave feeling accomplished, bold and strong!