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June Ripped Person – Vicki

“I was lucky enough to find RippedPHL all the way back in very beginning in 2016 and I haven’t looked back!  The entire team at Ripped creates an amazing atmosphere which is not only a workout, but is also a safe place to push yourself beyond your fears and limits.  Exercise is a necessity for me – I have a very challenging family medical history and exercising regularly is the best way to reduce my risk and meet those challenges head on.  Despite being a 6:00 am regular at Ripped, one year ago, I suffered back-to-back medical challenges which unfortunately kept me out of the studio for 6 months.  Although I wasn’t able to return to Ripped for 6 months, the entire staff at Ripped reached out, checked in on me, and supported me while I was out healing.  Once I was finally able to return, I never felt more supported by the entire team.  Every trainer worked with me to make sure my return to class was safe by discussing my limitations and altering exercises for me as I got back into the swing of things while still continuing to challenge me.  The support the entire Ripped team gives to every member is unmatched; with their assistance and guidance, I’m almost back to 100%.  I can’t thank the entire Ripped team enough for the support and confidence to not only stay healthy, but also to build my strength and stamina to continue to do the things I love, including weight-lifting and hiking with my husband .  Ripped is truly the most supportive fitness studio and family, and has been the best place to start my mornings for the past seven years.”