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March Ripped Person – Mikki

I’ve lived in Philly for 18 years! I am a first grade teacher at Greenfield School in Center City. My students bring the best energy, positivity, and love every single day and it helps me to do the same!

I enjoy all things high in cost and calories: shopping, wine, dinners in the city, and traveling. My mom has been telling me for years that I need to find a healthier and more productive hobby. After literally dying to keep up with my fifth grader during the Girls on the Run December 5K, the girl’s mom, Wendy Fleischman, suggested that I check out this fitness place she’s obsessed with.

Two months later and here I am totally obsessed as well! The instructors at Ripped are all so encouraging and whether I’m fighting for my life on incline 12 or feeling like the Hulk during bicep curls, I feel seen and supported.

I still enjoy shopping, wine, restaurants, and traveling… Just after my morning workout!