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April Ripped Person – Luke

Hi – I’m Luke! I’ve been in Philly now for 5 years but grew up in New Jersey and spent my summers in Portugal with family. As a flight attendant, I am used to building my schedule around traveling mostly every week. I was always an avid runner and then COVID hit and I was furloughed from my job. I gave up most physical activity and gained 50+ pounds during the pandemic. My partner, Wes, was always trying to get me to take classes but I always felt that I needed to “get in shape” in order to take a class.

I finally got the confidence to show up for class and I haven’t looked back! The RippedPHL team empowers you to take things at your own pace and modify things as needed. I’ve learned the journey is literally one foot in front of the other and consistency is key.

When not at Ripped you’ll find me traveling around the world, spending summers in Portugal with Wes and family, or with our pups, Remi and Milo!