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September Ripped Person – Jack

My RippedPHL journey began nearly two years ago in November of 2020, when my lovely wife (shoutout Ashley) signed us up for one of the last indoor classes before they shifted to outdoor classes. We just moved to Philly from the Bay Area and were really trying to find a stride and a new community. Ripped took us both under their wing and made us feel right at home! Each trainer does an amazing job coaching and challenging me to be the optimal version of myself in every class. I just surpassed my 150th class and am showing no signs of slowing down as I am now bigger, stronger and faster than I’ve ever been! I’d like to consider myself the king of small talk (especially anything NFL or golf related) and I am a sucker for any Hallmark channel movie. You can find me on T12 and most likely with Abby’s smoothie in my hand post-class. I’m so happy to be a part of the RippedPHL fam!