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May Ripped Person – Afton

How did you find Ripped? I just looked up workout studios near me..was looking to change up my workout routine from what I had been doing. I have always loved conditioning style workouts so Ripped seemed like a good fit.

Do you remember your first class? , what was your first thought before class and your thought afterwards? Yes! My first class was a Saturday morning class with Katie. I was excited to be back in a tread class I hadn’t done one in a long time and I was absolutely hooked afterwards!

Is there anything you’ve achieved in class? New speed, more confidence, new weights? My sprinting has definitely improved, I was a mid distance swimmer in college so speed has never been a strength of mine. It’s been great to reach 12 mph sprints because that’s never something I’ve pushed myself to do in the past.

What is your main goal when coming to ripped? My main goal is to always push as close to the zone 3 distance goal as possible on the tread. Good form and heavy weight on the floor section is my main focus.

In what ways are you a different person today after taking classes at Ripped ? I have so much more energy! starting my mornings with Ripped just get me in such a good mindset to tackle my day being busy, a working mom.

What or who is your motivation when you wake up and come to class? I have always loved exercising and know I always feel like a new person afterwards so I really do it for that feeling. But I love all of the instructors at Ripped. They are all so different and motivating in their own way which helps to keep me coming back for 6 am classes!