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March Ripped Person – Maddie

I’ve lived in Philadelphia for almost 20 years. I lead the Political Affairs team at Comcast, and I love my job. I am very musical, and I sing any chance I get—my husband and I had a live band karaoke wedding and sang a first karaoke song instead of doing a first dance!

Physical activity has always been an important part of my life. My mom was in the Army when I was growing up, which inspired me to be strong and powerful. I bike to work every day (rain or shine) and any other chance I get, I run (sometimes!), I do yoga, I play volleyball, I hike, and I stand up paddleboard.

Personal training with Danielle at Ripped for the last two years helped me maintain a consistent schedule of weightlifting, which improved my strength in ways I never could before. Danielle has expertly designed a program to increase my strength and has modified my workouts through a couple injuries over the years. And now, I’m almost 8 months pregnant, and lifting has made me feel so good throughout my pregnancy! I feel lucky that Ripped is a part of my life!