Meet Our Coaches – 20 Questions with Wes Hight

  1. How did you become passionate about fitness? About 8 years ago, I decided it was time to get started and focus on my health. Over the past few years I’ve lost about 145 pounds. When my story encouraged others, I knew it was for me!
  2. What makes Ripped special? The energy in the studio is untouched. You dig in, push a little bit harder, and get a bad ass workout!
  3. Type of exercise that kicks your ass? Anything butt and legs! Especially those stairs up to the studio!
  4. Favorite athlete? ??
  5. What are you listening to during your workouts? Remix’s of today’s hits
  6. Coolest place you’ve visited? I wish I had something cool to share – but I’ll say in advance I’m exploring all of Portugal later this summer which I’m pumped about
  7. If you didn’t live in Philly where would you live? Nashville!
  8. Celebrity doppelgänger?
  9. Your last meal on earth? Sushi!
  10. In a second life, you would be… Pilot!
  11. Describe yourself with 1 emoji… 🤪
  12. Quote you try to live by? Just Do It
  13. Favorite weekend activity? Anything travel related and by the water!
  14. Best advice for someone considering a career in fitness? Stay committed. Results and progress don’t come overnight.
  15. What are the lessons you’ve learned through fitness? Change doesn’t come overnight. Everyone has a story. Everyone works out for a reason. It’s not for you to judge.
  16. A fun fact about you that may surprise people? I’ve worked out with Michelle Obama!
  17. What are you most proud of? Committing to my health and wellness and not giving up when I wanted to so bad
  18. Favorite sports team? Chicago Bears.
  19. Favorite muscle group to work? Arms!
  20. Where are you from? Right outside Raleigh, NC!