Meet Our Coaches – 20 Questions with Danielle Albert

  1. How did you become passionate about fitness? I found my passion for fitness during college. I was always very active doing competitive cheerleading and gymnastics. Once that ended, I struggled figuring out how to stay active, (and also get rid of that freshman 15). I did alot of restrictive eating and trying to work off bad meals. That only drained me and hurt my self esteem. I soon discovered stregnth training and weight lifting, which not only led to great results, but helped me feel STRONG and confident. Fitness also became my stress reliever and biggest part of my self care routine! I love being able to share that with others!
  2. What makes Ripped special? Ripped offers so much more than just a gym. You have the support of your instructors and other members. The community aspect makes a difference in reaching your fitness goals. Ripped classes make working out FUN!
  3. Type of exercise that kicks your ass? RUNNING. Running has always been my weakness. I really struggle with endurance on runs. My comfort zone has always been strength, but I love challenging myself with running. No judgement, I’m pretty slow!
  4. Favorite athlete? All female athletes have my utmost respect. If I had to pick one it would be Simone Biles. I’m inspired by her drive and perseverance through all of the adversity she conquered.
  5. What are you listening to during your workouts? I LOVE listening to rap and hip hop when I work out, but I will occasionally sneak in some country to mix it up!
  6. Coolest place you’ve visited?
  7. If you didn’t live in Philly where would you live? If I didn’t live in Philly I would live somewhere warm and near a beach, maybe California or Hawaii.
  8. Celebrity doppelgänger? Hayden Pannettiere or Jennifer Lawrence
  9. Your last meal on earth? cheeseburger and fries
  10. In a second life, you would be… I would be a vet or a detective
  11. Describe yourself with 1 emoji… 😎
  12. Quote you try to live by? The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down
  13. Favorite weekend activity? sleep and binge watch Netflix
  14. Best advice for someone considering a career in fitness? Life is too short not to enjoy your job!
  15. What are the lessons you’ve learned through fitness? Fitness has taught me consistency, discipline, and that you’re always stronger than you think.
  16. A fun fact about you that may surprise people? I am a social worker and I am really shy!!
  17. What are you most proud of? my dedication and consistency with fitness!
  18. Favorite sports team? I’m not a big sports fan but I would have to say the NY Yankees.
  19. Favorite muscle group to work? always leg day!
  20. Where are you from? Rockland County, New York. I moved to Philly in 2019!