Meet Our Coaches: 20 Questions With Katie Costalas

  1. How did you become passionate about fitness? I always played sports and grew up in a family full of athletes so fitness was a huge part of our lives growing up
  2. What makes Ripped special? The RippedFam. Since we opened I have never met so many people who truly are supportive of everyone who walks through the doors. New to working out, athlete, etc the Fam really motivates each other when class starts and never once makes others feel uncomfortable.
  3. Type of exercise that kicks your ass? Super heavy legs
  4. Favorite athlete? Simone Biles
  5. What are you listening to during your workouts? Usually rap or hip hop. Depends on the type of workout. I like to lift to slower music. Sometimes I go music-free in the personal training room if I just taught class – need a break! Haha
  6. Coolest place you’ve visited? Lake Como, Italy
  7. If you didn’t live in Philly where would you live? Anyone who knows me knows I’d be back “home” in Chicago!
  8. Celebrity doppelgänger? Emma Stone according to Alexander
  9. Your last meal on earth? Lots of pasta and red wine
  10. In a second life, you would be… A surgeon
  11. Describe yourself with 1 emoji… 😈
  12. Quote you try to live by? You only fail when you stop trying
  13. Favorite weekend activity? Love trying different restaurants in the city and taking class
  14. Best advice for someone considering a career in fitness? Find a mentor and do it. I looked back at finance when I initially made the move, but haven’t ever since. And know what you really want to do. It’s a big industry with a lot of possibilities
  15. What are the lessons you’ve learned through fitness? I never miss a planned workout (I do take rest days) or stop early which translates into everything I do. You can fight through it in your workout so why can’t you in everything you’re doing
  16. A fun fact about you that may surprise people? I’m SUPER shy
  17. What are you most proud of? Doing something totally unexpected of me. If you asked anyone I went to school with if I would have a business and be on stage they would tell you never. I was soooo shy except while playing soccer or running.
  18. Favorite sports team? Wisconsin Badgers (especially football), also love the Blackhawks and Packers
  19. Favorite muscle group to work? Legs, legs, legs, legs
  20. Where are you from? Madison, Wisconsin