Jenna Aumiller

Congratulations on Jenna on be 23lbs lighter and a ton more confident! She took a leap and began the perfect mix of classes, personal training and nutrition with Hallie to get results she desperately wanted!

“This transformation has definitely been a rollercoaster for me.  I’ve had body confidence issues since high school, even when I was at my lowest weight. I didn’t like myself, and I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. During college, I turned to food to cope with my stress and anxiety. This resulted in almost a 70 lb weight gain in just under 3 years. I was embarrassed and ashamed.  I yo-yo dieted on and off for over 4 years. I fell into a horrible restrict and binge eating pattern, and I couldn’t shake it. I would lose a few pounds and ultimately gain it all back. I came to the realization that I needed to work on my mental health first in order to better my physical health. I finally came to a place of body neutrality. Did I love my body completely? Honestly, no I didn’t. But I loved myself enough to know that I needed to change to live a healthier life, and I knew I needed help. I started going to Ripped in March of last year.  I loved the atmosphere and community. I truly felt like part of the family, especially after the first shut down. The intense classes challenged me and gave me strength that I didn’t know I had. I started doing the nutrition program with Hallie 4 months ago, and that completely changed everything for me. She helped me find a plan that is sustainable and satisfying. I don’t feel the need to binge, and I finally broke that restrict/binge cycle that has been weighing on me for years.  She’s been there for me and listened to me vent about my struggles. I can finally say that I am more confident in myself than I have ever been. I can finally look in a mirror and say that I love myself, and I’m proud of the woman I’ve become. Thank you to Hallie and the staff at Ripped for giving me my confidence back and allowing me to love myself again”

Hallie absolutely loves training and nutrition with Jenna, “I would talk to her more either in/before/ after class, during the PT session, cheer her on her IG stories and listened to her about her disordered eating/ vent about how her mom pushes/pressure her on food. She is someone that likes to track/ weigh everything out and repeats meals so that kept her on track. I helped her come up with a system that works for her to meal prep/batch cook. We actually added more carbs (yes, they’re necessary!) and ways to sneak in veggies and how to maintain an easy mix of nutrition and having fun. Once she understood the whys behind needed more calories and protein, the rest came easy. I checked her food tracking and gave her tips on things she could change slightly and sent over recipe ideas that fit her lifestyle. I’m so proud of her! She’s so confident and happy!”