Tips for Outdoor/Indoor Mask Workouts

We’re still pushing our workouts to be just as effective as pre-COVID, but we know it’s quite different being outdoors or inside sprinting in masks.  We found some great hints and tips to make sure you can still get the motivation of being in a group setting, but stay safe and comfortable.

Masks:  Masks certainly seem like a good reason to skip your favorite workout, but there are plenty of advanced masks designed specifically to keep you safe and comfortable during class.  Our picks provide a little extra room around your mouth so you’re not breathing in fabric, and made from performance material to keep your face dry.  Everyone is different so be sure to try a couple different brands and bring a backup for after class or any discomfort.

Our top pick: Under Armour Sportsmask ($30 or 2 for $40

Other picks: Adidas Face Covers $20 for a 3 pack at, Eliel Cycling Face Mask at

Layers:  For outdoor workouts it’s important to come in removable layers for class.  It is chilly on the walk to class, but once you step inside the heated tent you already begin to warm up.  5 minutes into class?  We’re taking layer after layer off!  Make sure your bottom layers are made with a moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry on your post-sweat sesh walk home.  

Some of our favorites: Under Armour ColdGear leggings and mock long sleeves for both men and women  Layer these under thin sweats.  Ditch the sweats after you’re warm, and keep the mock long sleeve under a sweatshirt, a thicker top, or vest.  Even if you’re warm make sure you put your layers back on to head home!

Gloves:  The dumbbells are chilly!  Gloves will provide an extra layer of protection from the cold meal.  A tighter fitting glove or liner will give you the ability to still grip your dumbbells, yet give your hands protection.  

Some of our favorites – Outdoor Research Vigor Heavyweight Sensor Gloves, Rei Co-op Fleece Gloves, Black Diamond Midweight Screentap Fleece Gloves  

Hat or Headband:  A great moisture-wicking hat can provide warmth during class and keep you dry.  If your noggin is cold it’s sure that you’re going to feel chilly so make sure you cover your head and ears to help stay warm during class.  

Some of our favorites – Tough Headwear Running Beanie, Nike Dri-Fit Running Beanie, The North Face Surgent Beanie

Warm-up:  Warm ups are especially important in cooler temps, and if it’s been a bit since you did an intense workout!  We program for an active warm-up to ensure your muscles are supplied with oxygen, and their temperature is higher for optimal flexibility and efficiency before getting into an intense workout.  Make sure you’re on time and keep it light or body weight during the start of class before diving into heavier weights!

Hydration:  Hydration is ALWAYS important, but especially in cooler temps when the air is dryer and we’re less likely to think about drinking.  Make sure you bring a water bottle for during class and refuel post-workout! 

Recovery:  For the majority of us it’s been a bit since we had a super intense workout.  Make sure you consume protein within 30 minutes post workout, stretch, and plan days off to properly recovery. These are things you should be doing even when you’re back into the full swing of things.  Ease back into your workouts.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint.  Take it easy, set a workout plan and gradually increase the number of times you workout and your intensity!  

With a few changes you can get right back into group workouts either indoors or outdoors.  Questions on any of these?  Feel free to reach out ([email protected] or ask any of our trainers!)