Create a healthy routine and stick to it!

Doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned workout pro or just tipping your toes into fitness it’s important to set a great routine that keeps your motivation high and on track for success.  

We’ve found some great tips that keep us moving on days when it may not seem like it’s going to happen!

Establish a routine!

Organization is key.  If you wake up each morning and give yourself time to ask, “what am I going to do today?” chances are you may find a reason why you don’t have time to workout, or you’re not sure what you want to do, or when.  

Whether you’re doing a RippedPHL On Demand 6 week routine or doing RippedPHL in studio, outdoor or livestream workouts, or your own.  Make sure you find a routine that’s easy to stick to.

If you’re not sure how to make a good routine, check out our RippedPHL On Demand challenges.  We map out 4 workouts a week and group them into 6 week blocks.  Follow the calendar to successfully check off each workout each week and each challenge.  It feels SO rewarding!

Set your calendar and workout the same days and same time each week.  

If you’re not sure what time suits you best, try working out at different times to see when you’re most motivated.  Some of us like early mornings before life gets in the way and can give you an excuse to run away from your workout.  Others like a midday lunch move to boost your energy for the afternoon slump.  Others are evening all stars who get the stress out from the day before it’s time to rest.  

Once you know what time works for you, schedule your workouts like you would any appointment or meeting!  Your health is important, plan your day around it!  Plus, you’d be shocked how much time is wasted on social media or doing other things.  We’re sure you can find 30 minutes to sneak in an efficient, effective workout!

Meal Prep!

How much time is spent planning out meals?  Prepare snacks and meals in advance for the week so you’re not left running around looking for things to eat and end up making bad choices.  

Good nutrition is very important in supporting your health and fitness goals.  You need to fuel your body correctly for workouts.  Make sure you get simple carbs and protein before your workout and a big dose of protein post workout.  

Create a list of healthy, easy to prepare meals.  Shop from a list so you only get items on your list that fit your goals and needs.  Without a list, the cookie aisle can seem so much more tempting!  

Set aside time to cook large amounts of meals and snack and portion them in reusable individual containers.  Maybe plan items you can freeze for days when you’re short on time.  Planning meals makes it easier to stick to your goals and cuts down on mindless food ordering and snacking.

Stick to your routine!

Once you’ve created a routine that includes exercise each week, here are some tips to help you to stick with it. 

Make a weekly schedule.  Plan which days you’re working out and when.  Plan what you’ll do for your workout that day.  Remember, making a workout calendar isn’t time consuming, it helps you stick to your workout.  Ideally, find a program you can follow.  You know exactly which workouts you’ll be doing, how and when.  

Consistency is key!  

Make sure you have a backup plan

No matter how much you schedule, routines aren’t foolproof — and that’s okay! 

Don’t beat yourself up if you have a fitness setback or miss your scheduled workout. Be prepared with a back-up plan so unhealthy habits don’t take over. 

Keep extra gym clothing in your car or at work.  Maybe sign up for a an on demand service if icky weather, a long meeting or something may keep you from getting to your workout.  Bring your workout home so you have no excuses to skip it!

Most importantly, get to a spot where you feel so amazing after each workout you don’t want to miss it.  The feeling of crossing off your workout for the day, knowing you did something for yourself, and feeling so great about it that you don’t want to miss it.  When you find that internal reward, that’s when you’ll find consistency. 

Break your routine into small blocks!

Don’t shoot for making a total life turnaround.  Start with 2 workouts a week if you don’t do any.  Then increase to 3.  Try to do 2 workouts a week for 3 weeks before you add another workout in consistently.  When you do 3 workouts a week for 2 weeks then add in 2 healthy eating days.  Break each goal into smaller goals.  Getting overwhelmed will cause you to stop.  

And don’t put off making changes for another day — the best time to start a new routine is right now!