Tips for Success

Setting yourself up for success in a workout program can be tough.  We start with so much passion and desire, which can fizzle out quickly.  Here are some easy tips to hold yourself accountable

  1. Set 1 Attainable Goal.  Maybe your goal is to lose 20 pounds, workout every other day, sleep 8 hours, get enough water, eat healthy, walk everywhere, tone your tushy, etc, etc.  That’s amazing, but having too many goals is overwhelming and can cause you to lose interest if you don’t reach all of your goals. Instead, pick 1 goal you can work towards.  When you master that, time to pick another goal.  Maybe your first goal is to get 4 workouts in a week.  Perfect, start here and add on goals when you’ve achieved that!
  2. Follow A Program.  We all scroll through the ‘gram and see what we think we should look like, what we think we should eat, what we think we should do for a workout.  Well, whatever your favorite fitness star is doing may not be great for you.  And, let’s be honest, more than likely they’re not telling the truth.  Trying to follow one workout because you think the person doing it has a great booty, then another because he said it’s a workout the stars are following, or another because it’s your favorite athlete isn’t productive.  Find one program you trust, that’s easy to follow, set a calendar and stick with one program!
  3. Measure Your Progress.  Make sure you can measure your goal.  If your goal is to workout 4 times a week, that’s easy to track!  Each week count how many times you’re working out and keep track of it.  If your goal is to lose weight or tone a great way to track progress (without your trainer taking your body composition each week) is to take weekly pictures of yourself wearing the same thing, in the same spot and facing the same way.  Compare to see your results.  Another great way is to try the same clothing on and track how it feels on you.  Weighing yourself isn’t always the best way to measure weight loss, but pictures and clothing can be an easy way to track progress.
  4. Push Yourself.  Be safe about it, but when you can complete about 8 reps (depending on your fitness goals) in a Ripped workout try a little heavier next time (with good form).  Maybe push a little harder on cardio.  Each week set a new small goal like trying 1 exercise with a little heavier weight if you feel comfortable.
  5. Community!  Join communities on Instagram or forums with likeminded people.  Sometimes it may seem silly to chat with others, but the motivation and accountability is second to none.  Days when you don’t feel like working out your fellow RippedFam can help push you through.  Don’t be shy to comment or message other people in the community.  If you share your goals with your community they will be there to support you and help you push towards achieving your goal!