Jessica Holguin

While self quarantined I thought back to when I started my journey to self discovery at 300lbs. In the beginning the goal was just to be able to walk and climb stairs without hyperventilating. The wins were small and the body aches continued because my weight caused my knees and lower back pain. 
Everyday was a struggle to keep moving forward and some days it seemed like I was in the same spot as when I started. I have been blessed to be surrounded by our Rippedteam that have helped me surpass my limits. I did not know I could run or lift, I was just trying to walk again. It is because you all believed in me that I believed I could do it. That support and love and knowledge that has been passed down to me has made it impossible to stop. 

I currently weigh 188lbs, that’s a 112lbs difference from my starting weight. During quarantine, I have lost 12lbs thanks to the knowledge and the virtual classes led by our Rippedtrainers. Even though we are far away, knowing you are cheering from the other side of the screen pushes me to do my best. Hope to make you all proud!