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Ripped Men Of The Month – Jamie and James

Congratulations to Jamie and James who are our Ripped Men Of The Month!!  We couldn’t possibly have one without the other.  You’ll always see both guys together in class multiple times a week.  All of us enjoy their energy and fun personality.  Of course the billboard with their pictures will soon be done as well as changing our name to “J and J’s Workout”  😉

Some of the reasons why the guys enjoy getting their workout in at Ripped

“Great energy, music, and people.  An action packed thorough workout condensed into one hour”

“I have been working out for a long time so I like to mix it up every now and then because I’ll probably be doing it for the rest of my life!  I’m one of those guys that actually likes working out and have tried a lot of different modalities.” 
“I like Ripped  because it combines several different forms of exercise into one very efficient and effective hour! You get your cardio and your strength training in intense but manageable fifteen minute intervals all under the watchful eyes of some very knowledgeable trainers.”
“It’s challenging and fun and the hour flies by!  I do curse a lot but the music drowns it out(mostly) and sometimes I want to throw up but then it’s over! Lol! “
“But the best part is the results that not only I have seen and felt, but that my friends have even noticed. I’ve been in pretty good shape for years but only since I started doing Ripped do I hear how fit I look. Looking and feeling fit has always been a goal for me and Ripped is definitely helping me achieve that! 
The studio is great looking, clean and well maintained. The whole staff is terrific too!”
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