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New Year Deserves A New You!! Day 2

DAY 2 of our 4-day FREE!! series to upgrade your current gym workouts!! New year deserves a new you!!


Each day we will offer new exercises that break you out of your current routine. Progress your body past common exercises, add compound exercises that engage multiple muscle groups, and train your body to not only strengthen, but build better balance, stability and spatial awareness.

Click on Day 2 Below to see a video of the exercises!


Try to perform the entire program 2-3 times.

  1. Skull crusher and weighted reverse crunch
  • 10lb dumbbells for your hands, 5lbs for your feet
  • 15 repetitions
  1. (5) BOSU kicks + (5) side to side shuffles
  • 6 combinations of kicks and shuffles
  1. BOSU squat with hammer curl
  • 15-20lb dumbbells
  • 15 repetitions
  1. Jumping bicep curl
  • 12lb dumbbells
  • 25 reptitions


Please feel free to ask us any questions. You can email us at PFAInfo@PhiladelphiaFitnessAuthority.com

Day 2

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