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Leslie Robinson – Ripped Person of the Month (June)!!

Special thank you to Leslie Dobinson for being our June Ripped Person of the Month!! Leslie brings a lot of energy and always a smile to our classes. You’ll find her here every day of the week. Thanks Leslie!!

“I started working out at Ripped when they first opened in the Spring. As a former distance runner who then converted to barre class, I was looking for a new challenge. I felt that I lost my cardio endurance doing barre class all the time. I had muscle tone but the scale did not move. I do not have the time required (or desire!) to train for those half marathons anymore so when Ripped opened, it was the perfect fit. I get the running-fix with the treadmill drills plus the weight training I really enjoy. After the first few weeks, my energy levels picked up and I look forward to class every day. And I generally just feel better.

What I love about Ripped is that every day is different. You will know which body part you are training but the running and weight-lifting segments change weekly and that makes the workout interesting, challenging and fun. The 60-minute work-out goes by so quickly and whether you’ve increased your weights during the lifting segment or increased your speed during the sprints, you will leave class at Ripped feeling like you accomplished so much.

The music is great, the atmosphere is friendly and the equipment is awesome. Katie and Charbel really put their heart and souls into creating a gym environment that is inspiring and not intimidating. The best part about the Ripped work-out is that it works! I’ve noticed the changes in my body and just how I feel in general. But others are noticing the changes, too, and that is super motivating. You really can’t ask for much more proof that Ripped really works!”

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