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Colleen Kirk – Ripped Person Of The Month!!

Colleen is at the studio 7 days a week always with a big smile on her face (even at early morning times!).  Couldn’t be more proud of her results and the enthusiasm she brings to class!!  Thanks Colleen!!!

“I have truly found a home at Ripped these past few months. I am a creature of habit, and after a week of 6AM classes I was hooked on RippedPHL! The results I have seen in my running speed (starting at a 9 MPH sprint, currently up to a 10.5MPH sprint), my endurance, and my muscle tone (started at a 5LBs weight, now up to 12LBs+) are unmatched by any other fitness class I have attended. While weight loss was never my goal, I have seen definition throughout my entire body, thanks to the daily focus on each muscle group. I have never been in better shape, and my new physique has even prompted me to be more conscious in the kitchen. Now that I’ve worked for this body, I want to keep it healthy!  
Before Ripped I would take morning runs on Kelly Drive, or do body weight workouts on my own. At that early morning hour, I must admit I was not very motivated and went easy on myself. Now, when I walk into the studio and hear the powerful music and the excitement of the trainers, I am full of motivation and push myself to my limits! 
One reason RippedPHL is so effective is its unique class structure. The 15 min sessions make the 60 minute class fly by. By the time my legs are burning on the treadmills, it’s time to work my arms on the floor. The class structure keeps my body guessing what’s next so that I never hit that workout ‘plateau’ .
Katie, Charbel, and Malik are amazing trainers. They are so full of energy and encouraging words, especially during those burpees! I love that they each have their own training style, yet always take the time to show the class correct form or personally modify a move. The classes are the perfect size to get the personal training when you need it, but also go at your own pace. 
I am excited I have begun my RippedPHL journey, and I can’t wait to get to those 20LBs weights!” 
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