November 26th, 2014 - by

Ways To Make Running More Enjoyable

In order to lose weight incorporating cardio into your fitness routine is a must. While walking can help you burn calories, in order to really torch those calories and lose fat you need to step it up and include more strenuous activities. Running is a great calorie burner and can actually be somewhat fun. Here are some ways to incorporate…

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June 28th, 2014 - by

Enjoy the Nice Weather and Stay Active!

With the weather finally getting nice out grab a friend, go outside and get active! Check this site for areas around Philadelphia to hike. Or, think about doing a race to hold yourself accountable. Some upcoming races are: Fight Twilight 5k in Conshohocken June 14th Run/Walk at the Zoo in Philadelphia on June 21st Freedom 5k in Philadelphia June 29th…

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June 9th, 2014 - by

Reasons to Use a Personal Trainer

Check out this article for many helpful reasons to use a personal trainer. Philadelphia Fitness Authority offers in-home and off-site personal training in the Philadelphia area from highly trained personal trainers.

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